Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Aedan's Adventures (Part 2) and Thank you

Ahoy, Cap'n Aedan Morgan here. While bin sailin' around th' spiral I was caught in a wee problem, again...
 It seems that I must have a hoodoo curse upon me to fly like a bird! Only be one problem , I can't manage to move once I begin to float... Only me luck, eh?
At first I thought that it might be th' location, No such luck. Whoever cast 'tis must be a strong witchdocter or one 'o Aaron's fellow magical folk. It even made me ship sink below th' skyways! 

By any chance related to a certain Harold Argleston?
 Aaron, correct me if I'm wrong but are there any spells that calls for fresh Sky-Sperent fangs?
Not that I know of Aedan Maybe in a differect class, Death? Storm? or Myth? Maybe one of our readers know...
 Well either way I found some spell cards from the local Gypsies
That be all I got, Thank ye Aaron
 ~Aedan Morgan

Always A pleasure Aedan,
~ In blogging news~
'Aaron's Adventures has just recently passed 13,000 Views, Wow! When I started this blog I never dreamed of it going this far. Thank *You* if it wasn't for your constant support I never would have been able to go this far. This community is by far one of the best I've ever experienced (and probably ever will).

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