Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to

Lately bin be sailin' on side quests around th' great Spiral. Helpin' out th' small Monquistadors wit' their spices, art supplies, dinners, 'n all sorts 'o random necessities. Once I finished that I sailed over to St. Bonobo's Alley 'n finally fixed me Galleon to where she can sail across th' seven seas 'n back again! After that trip I tried duelin' wit' a other band 'o pirates. Me group won twice...
 After that I found myself caught in a wee problem, I was floatin' above Skull Island 'o all places!

 Need not to worry fer I eventually found me way back to me ship 'n finally fell asleep to th' rockin' 'o th' winds around me.
 Back to ye Aaron!

Thanks Aedan
Happy Sailing!

P.S. Make sure to comment What (if any) Holidays you are celebrating this time of year!


  1. I loved helpin' out, it was a pleasure! Thank ye for the mention, too! I be celebratin' Hanukkah!

    (If ye would be so kind as to manually change the name of me blog to "Destiny's Travels" on yer blogroll, and move it to P101, that would be appreciated.)


    1. In that case happy sixth night of Hanukkah! And consider it done!